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About Me

About Me


It all started when...

I had an extra camera lying around from a Photobooth I was going to build for my event business - I remember it like yesterday and considering it was just the other day it isn't hard to replay it...November 16th 2015 to be exact. I would go out on my free time and shoot landscapes, nature, city skylines for fun and as the days passed my love for it grew. As my love for it grew I began to shoot everything, friends, family, family events, my cousins soccer games - any opportunity to shoot I would do it. I will never forget the first dance someone asked me, "How much do you charge for a baby shower?" I hesitantly responded, "I don't know...I can do it for 100$?"  

Now I had no clue what I was doing - the only thing I DID know was that I loved taking photographs. I fell in love with the feelings of hearing say 'wow that looks amazing'. As the year turned and the months passed I would study, I would shoot, I would suck, I would mess up, I would study more, I would spend countless hours on trial and error and tutorials - and I still do. 

As I progressed and the fondness over my work grew I started working on a project of my own - 'Get Painted'. This project was born out of nowhere, it was not funded, it was simply something I loved to do and wanted to work on, please see gallery in my portfolio. Get Painted was a series that I held as a gallery event to gather people together to showcase my work and socialize. December 17th 2016, I did it, I had my own gallery, can you imagine that? 1 year into photography and I was able to fruition an idea from nothing - but now what?

As the new year turned me and a couple buddies started a branding and marketing company, we would work with start ups to create their social content and brand development. In that role I would be head of content creation with the use of my creative skills and camera. A few months later the plan of this company slowly fizzled out as each member went there separate work ways. I was so discouraged when this happened but at the same time it made me want more from photography and content creation. I was hungry, I began shooting more than ever, portraits, people, headshots, sports, anything - money. I came at a crossroads in my life where I realized maybe all this is is just a hobby, maybe I need to go back to the corporate world and keep the photography and event entertainment as my part-time gig. I will never forget that day in May of 2017 where I decided to go all in - all of my chips, all of my energy, everything I had and knew and wanted to know to dedicate it to this craft. I studied hard, educated myself, asked questions, shadowed experienced photographers, and networked my ass off.

Work Highlights:

  • NBA All-Star Weekend

  • Big Ten Tournament 2018

  • Nike Air Max Month Campaign via Footlocker

  • Featured in The Chicago Tribune via Nike Equality Campaign

  • JR Smith's Charity Golf Outing

  • LL Cool J's Annual Jump & Ball Giveback

  • The Masters 2018

  • NYC Marathon 2018


  • Nike

  • Footlocker Inc.

  • Jordan Brand

  • Puma

  • Google

  • EA Sports

  • Michelob Ultra

  • Bleacher Report

  • SLAM

  • Victory Creative Group

  • Game 7 Marketing

  • Wieden + Kennedy

  • DMB Represents

I love what I do and I love working and doing what I love. I wrote this story to inspire and to also show that I am just a kid from small town New Jersey with dreams to be the greatest.